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  • Graphic Based Logos


    Different Types Of Logos and Examples:

    • Lettermarks Or Monogram Logos – HBO, CNN, IBM, NASA
    • Logotypes Or Wordmarks – Google. Yahoo, Visa, CocaCola, Facebook
    • Logo Symbols: Twitter, Apple, Target
    • Abstract Logos: Adidas, Pepsi, Chanel
    • Mascot Logos: KFC, Black Cat
    • Combination Marks: Burger King, Dove, Lacoste
    • Emblem Logos: Starbucks, Harley Davidson, NFL


  • Text Based Logo


    These types of logos are the minimalistic versions of monogram logos. They are also known as letter logos. To get into notice, these brand marks need to be bold as well as beautiful. Since, it’s challenging to think of just one letter as a representative of your brand, hire a professional graphic designer to get things right.